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Most Common Fail Conditions In A Unit

Due to the high rate of units failing the annual inspection, this notice contains guidelines that all owners and tenants should review. All “failed” conditions must be resolved.

Past inspections indicate the most common "fail" problems to be:

## Problem Solution
01. Smoke detector not working* Replace or install battery, or replace smoke detector if it’s not working properly.
02. Missing or cracked outlet and switch covers Replace covers.
03. Broken or cracked window and door glass Tape, or replace if glass has sharp edges.
04. Bathroom fan not working Repair or replace.
05. Tripping hazards such as loose carpet Secure area causing the hazard by nailing or taping.
06. Closet doors not attached Repair or replace.
07. Infestation Clean unit; remove all debris, garbage, trash, and dirty clothes; have unit treated.
08. Windows/doors nonworking or missing locks Replace or repair.
09. Excessive garbage and debris, interior and exterior CLEAN UP! Put all garbage and debris in the proper receptacles.
10. Fire exits blocked MOVE THAT JUNK! This endangers you and your family’s life.
11. Stove Burners and control knobs Missing control knobs need to be replaced. Burners and oven not working should be repaired and/or replaced.

*State law also requires smoke detectors. If we find them not working, you have 24 hours to get them working. Smoke detectors are needed on every level of the unit INCLUDING basements.

TENANTS: If you are responsible for any of the above “failed” conditions, you need to take care of getting them fixed. Call your landlord for items requiring him/her to repair or replace.

LANDLORDS: You should occasionally check your property; do routine maintenance as needed. Make required repairs in a timely manner.

This list is intended to help both tenants and landlords repair items prior to the annual inspection date and to help maintain the property in a safe, sanitary, and decent manner.

Thank you,

Inspection Department

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