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Conventional Public Housing Program
(Low Rent Public Housing)

Public Housing is housing owned and usually managed by the housing authority. Dane County Housing Authority owns 86 units of Public Housing throughout Dane County outside the city limits of Madison. Public Housing was established to provided decent, safe, and sanitary rental housing for eligible families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Public Housing comes in all sizes and types from scattered single-family houses to apartments for elderly families.

Currently Dane County Housing Authority is contracting with Wisconsin Management, Inc. for the administration and management of our public housing units. This includes managing the waiting list, admission and selection of new tenants, maintenance, and rent collections.

Dane County Housing Authority has the following types of public housing located in the following communities:

City of Sun Prairie, WI - WAIT LIST CLOSED
A total of 28 units
(6) 2 bedroom units (duplexes)
(18) 3 bedroom units (duplexes)
(2) 4 bedroom units (duplexes)
(2) 5 bedroom units (duplexes)

City of Stoughton, WI - WAIT LIST CLOSED
A total of 30 units
(14) 1 bedroom units (elderly building)
(6) 2 bedroom units (duplexes and/or townhouses)
(8) 3 bedroom units (duplexes and/or townhouses)
(2) 4 bedroom units (duplexes and/or townhouses)

Village of Mazomanie, WI - WAIT LIST OPEN
A total of 20 units
(10) 1 bedroom units (elderly)
(6) 2 bedroom units (duplex and/or townhouses)
(3) 3 bedroom units (townhouses)
(1) 4 bedroom unit (townhouse)

City of Monona, WI - WAIT LIST CLOSED
A total of 8 units
(4) 2 bedroom units (single family houses)
(4) 3 bedroom units (single family houses)

Village of Cross Plains, WI - WAIT LIST CLOSED
A total of 16 units
(16) 1 bedroom units (elderly building)

Applications are NOT currently being accepted for public housing.

Obtaining an Application in Person
Applications are available Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at the following locations:

Dane County Housing Authority
2001 W. Broadway, Suite #1
Madison, WI 53713

Wisconsin Management, Inc.
2040 S. Park Street
Madison, WI 53713

When requesting applications from Wisconsin Management make sure you specify that you are interested in applying for Dane County Housing Authority Public Housing.

To receive an application by mail call 608 224-3636 #020 or 608 258-2080. Specify that you are interested in applying for Dane County Housing Authority. Completed applications can be returned to Wisconsin Management.

What To Do When You Receive Your Application:

  1. Answer ALL questions on all sides of the application. Incomplete applications may result in withdrawal of your application.
  2. You and ALL household members age 18 or older must sign the application form.
  3. Read and sign the privacy statement.
  4. Retain the "Things You Should Know" cover sheet for your own records.

Completed applications can be returned to Wisconsin Management at the above address. Wisconsin Management does the selection from the waiting list. You will be notified by mail of receipt of your application.

Eligibility Requirements
Must meet income guidelines. All extremely low-income families are eligible for Public Housing. HUD provides the income-guidelines.

Must qualify as a person with disabilities, elderly, or a family.

Must qualify for one of the following federal preferences as defined by HUD:

  1. Income Burden (paying more than 40% of income towards rent & utilities).
  2. Displaced (by HUD definition).
  3. Living in substandard housing (HUD definition).

Must have U. S. citizenship or eligible immigrant status.

Dane County Housing Authority may deny admission to any applicant whose habits and practices may be expected to have a detrimental effect on other tenants or on the project's environment. Dane County Housing Authority will complete a credit check, past rental history check, and criminal background check on all applicants.

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