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What You Must Do If Notified
To Receive A Section 8 Voucher

  1. Attend an Eligibility Interview at DCHA.
  2. Attend a Briefing (your Voucher will be issued at the Briefing).
  3. Find a suitable unit:
    • A unit located in the proper jurisdiction
    • A unit that fits proper Payment Standards in accordance with the bedroom size for which your family is eligible
  4. You and the prospective landlord must complete the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) form.
  5. You must return the completed RFTA form to DCHA along with an unsigned and undated copy of the lease.
  6. DCHA will review the RFTA form in order to make sure you have selected a unit appropriate for your family and conforms with the Program Regulations.
  7. If DCHA cannot approve the RFTA, you and the landlord will be notified as to why we cannot approve the RFTA. DCHA will work with you and the landlord regarding what changes are needed in order for us to approve the RFTA.
  8. If the RFTA is approved, an inspection of the unit will be requested.
  9. DCHA will calculate your Tenant Rent Amount, and DCHA’s Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) amount (the portion we send to landlord).
  10. The HAP documents will be released for signatures after the inspection has been performed and the unit passes inspection.
    NOTE: No money will be released to the landlord until the unit passes inspection AND both HAP and Lease documents are signed and returned to DCHA.
  11. After the unit passes inspection and all paperwork is completed, you should have made or should be making arrangements with the landlord to move in, pay the security deposit, and first month’s rent.
  12. After you have moved in, you should complete your own personal move-in inspection within the first 7 days. A copy of that inspection should be given to your landlord and a copy sent to DCHA for your file.

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