Residential Housing Complex

Dane CORE 2.0

Dane CORE has transitioned to Dane CORE 2.0, the new rental assistance program for Dane County residents. This transition includes two new additional providers, Community Action Coalition (CAC) and Urban Triage.

CAC will be processing applications for rental units located within the City of Madison limits, and Urban Triage will be processing applications for rental units within Dane County that are NOT within the City of Madison limits. The Tenant Resource Center will be focusing on working with tenants with eviction court filings.

The new CORE 2.0 application portal will go live on September 15th, 2021 as long as there is a successful data migration from the old portal. If you've already applied, unless you have an active eviction filing, your rental assistance request will either be fulfilled by CAC or Urban Triage depending on your location.

There is still millions of dollars of funding for Dane CORE 2.0 - if you are struggling with housing instability, you are encouraged to apply!

Who can apply:

Tenant who is primary lease holder or landlord on behalf of tenant.

Who can assist:

Tenant Resource Center staff and various Community Partners are available to assist tenants with their application.